ck3 lite

ck3 lite

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•Onboard RS232 Support (Liteon 74850C DVD Key Dump) •Compatible with all tools such as: JungleFlasher/ iPrep / dvdkey / dvdkey32 / firmware toolbox / Mode_B etc) •Powers ALL XBOX 360 DVD Drives •Mode-B on Hitachi 59 & Earlier (Hitachi 78/79 Mode-B via Jungle Flasher) •100% Compatible with all flashing tools inc Jungle Flasher •Onboard ON/OFF Switch (Perfect For Enabling Vendor Mode) •Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses To Prevent Damage If You Plug In The Power Cable Incorrectly •Onboard Eject Switch •Includes RS232 Serial Cable •High Build Quality •Trusted Xecuter Design

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